Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wayne's Allwhite

Please ignore the terrible pun title ( I don't even think that counts as a pun). How many strings can a man have to his bow? Wayne White's name usually precedes the list of illustrator, fine artist, set designer, art director. As well as art directing numerous children's programmes, Wayne White also designed the set for one of the best music videos of the 90s -Smashing Pumpkins Tonight Tonight.

Todd Oldham compiles and designs a smashing book of White's work and his transition into a painter. He now works purely typographically over existing prints. The result is completely cosmic. What is astounding about this book of how much of it there is. Wayne really is prolific.

The book is titled 'Maybe Now I'll Get The Respect I So Richly Deserve' and includes an interview with the man him self . Available at Artwords -HALF PRICE!

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