Sunday, 16 May 2010


Captivating me on the magazine/journal front this month is Twin. I believe it is produced by some of the team behind Lula ( I could be mistaken). Substance shines through with this and it's much more art and culture heavy than Lula. This, the second issue, is one that I hold close to my heart as it celebrates 40 years of the Women's Liberation Movement, taking us back to the women that used art to respond to changing times.

I love the rather tender piece on different female artists' take on 'womens' intuition'. The issue sounds a more positive note on the liberation as apposed to dwelling on past oppressions. It also showcases some beautiful work of current female artists including photographer Kate Tempest, painter Pearl C Hsiung and Linda Brownlee. All bound together in hardback with Liberty print end papers. Phew, take a breath.
Get it at Artwords of course.

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