Sunday, 26 September 2010

Kourtney Roy

Kourtney Roy's images seduced me at first glance. They are the photographic forms of everything I want my illustrations to be. I'm all for these patterns and vibrant colour combinations. Roy's photographic talents are put to great use in a tantalising fashion spread in issue1 of Soup Magazine. Get hold of this now at Artwords. Visit her website for more fantastically striking photographs.

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  1. Good points 'Books of circe'. I too bumped into Kourtney's shots and was a bit seduced - I made a note of her name then looked her up again - She has already made 'my fav photogs' list.
    I adore her use of early 70's feel / lomography style, beauty, landscapes, sensuality, lingerie, sexy Pantyhose, colour saturation & slight shock.