Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New Section: Stuff for the Laycocks

Ever thought to yourself 'Lord, I've got so much money but not a clue of what to spend it on'? No, me neither, but Jackpot winners the Laycocks from Cirencester have -poor buggers. This is where I (and you) come in. With the help of the Laurence King book '1000 New Designs 2', I'm going to help the Laycocks cram their sparkly new mansion full of stuff.

So, first we will start with this embroider it yourself bowl designed by Guillaume Delvigne and Ionna Vautrin. It could be a loose money bowl? No, not big enough.

Then this Shay Alkalay Pivotting cabinet. This is great because more stuff will have to be bought to fill it.

If you have any suggestions for the 'Stuff for the Laycocks' section, then please e-mail bryonylloyd@live.com. Together, we can help them.

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